A SECOND OPINION: Pro-Palestinian Protestors Cancel Graduation Ceremonies

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by Mary Foran


Imagine spending $68,000 a year on a University degree and not being able to go to classes or to graduate with your friends.

That is the situation Columbia University of New York students find themselves in due to the multitude of pro-Hamas demonstrators on the University campus.

Reinstatement of campus encampment at the Columbia University after NYPD arrested students and removed the first encampment, April 2024

Last week, the pro-terrorist protestors had taken over the central campus with tents and banners.

Jewish students were afraid to be seen on campus and charged the administration with antisemitism.

Protestors want the University to sever all ties to Israel while Jewish students demand a return of all the Oct. 7th hostages.

Colleges and cities across the country have been the sites of protests. Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge was stopped for hours as well as traffic on freeways in many parts of the US.

Freedom of speech was in evidence at the protests, although hundreds were arrested for disorderly conduct. Many of the protestors were not University students but came from the outside.


Featured image (graduation vector)/Rosy of Bad Homburg, Germany from Pixabay. Suiperimposed “X” supplied. 
Gaza solidarity encampment/عباد ديرانية ,  CCO via Wikimedia Commons