A SECOND OPINION: Is Climate Change for Real?


Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, the four seasons we’ve all become used to. But what if it is true
the Planet itself is warming and the polar ice caps are melting at an increased rate?


by Mary Foran

The scientists put the blame of global warming on the activities of humankind, namely our dependence on fossil fuels and gasoline-powered vehicles.

At the UN Climate Change Summit UK 2021: U.S. President Joe Biden has committed his Administration to facing climate change head-on

Recently, the leaders of the world gathered in Glasgow, Scotland for a UN World Climate Summit to hash out strategies to confront this worldwide crisis.

Among those attending was US President Joe Biden who has committed his Administration to facing this issue head-on.

Carbon emissions from coal are to be reduced, and electric vehicle charging stations are to be constructed across the country.

Critics say that our dependence on fossil fuels and gasoline is inevitable, and that the increases in the price of fuel is only hurting citizens not helping them. And we are more dependent on foreign sources of oil than under the Trump Administration.

Solar power: Spanish company Abengoa’s Solnova Power Station in Seville

Moving away from coal to wind and solar power is on every Summit nation’s checklist. Biden promised the world that the United States would lead “by the power of our example.”

China didn’t come

China and Russia and Brazil did not attend the conference and Biden commented, “We showed up.”

The hosts promise the end of coal

The British hosts of the UN conference wanted to leave their mark by ensuring that the end of coal “is in sight.”

The alternative, nuclear power, is controversial in and of itself. Even electric vehicles require a reliable source of power and power needs are only going to increase in the future.


Featured image/Chris LeBoutillier, Unsplash
Abengoa solar power station/Abengoa, CC BY1.0 via Wikimedia Commons
China/Tony Oxborrow, CC BY-SA2.0 cropped
UN Climate Change UK 2021 logo/British Government, Open Govt Licence v3.0