A SECOND OPINION: Illegal Immigration a Hot Topic in Presidential Campaigns /

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An immigrant climbing the border fence in Brownsville, Texas in
an illegal attempt to cross the US-Mexico border


by Mary Foran


Millions of illegal immigrants have flooded into the United States since Joe Biden became President and virtually opened the Southern border with Mexico.

In conjunction with the Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, President Joe Biden delivers a televised statement on 7 February 2024 saying the bipartisan national security bill is the toughest ever to secure US borders and at the same most humane.

During President Donald Trump’s Administration, apprehensions at the border hit the lowest level since 1972, mostly because of his “remain in Mexico” policy and strict enforcement of crossing laws.

The estimated population of unauthorized immigrants in the United States in 2023 was 11.40 million, give or take a number of “got-a-ways”.

The migrants are processed and bussed to Democratic-run so-called “sanctuary cities” where they are housed in old hotels and schools. One such city, New York, is giving out food cards to the migrants who they discourage from coming since they are overwhelmed by their numbers.

Congress debated legislation to partially close the border, tied to aid to Ukraine.

The homeless evicted from McPherson Square Park., Washington DC. The migrants who slip through border security checks usually end up joining the vast number of homeless people in the streets of America with the American Dream a fading hope.

President Biden has the power to close the border but blames the Republicans for holding up legislation.

The victims in this situation are the migrants themselves, who suffer from their long journeys, are in debt to drug cartels, and have little hope of the American Dream once they get here. They must join the vast number of homeless people who are on the streets of America.

The border crisis is a sad, sad situation and one that should never have been allowed to happen.


Featured image/Nofx221984, PD vie Wikimedia Commons
Biden delivering remarks/Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz
Evicted homeless/Elvert Bernes, CC BY-SA2.0 via Flickr