A SECOND OPINION: Green Agenda Hurting Economy

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by Mary Foran


We all want to be environmentalists and conservationists. We want to save our National Parks and green spaces and endangered species. We want to fight climate change before it is too late.

“We all want to be environmentalists but we also want to live in a thriving economy with inexpensive groceries”

But we also want to live in a thriving economy, with inexpensive groceries and utilities and the ability to move freely about the country we live in.

Unfortunately, inflation, caused by the ever-increasing price of oil which affects every aspect of our lives, has made the American Dream something of a nightmare.

Biden promises to end the dependence on fossil fuels touting electric cars as the alternative, but the electric grid cannot sustain the added load and rolling blackouts are predicted this summer.

Small electric taxis on Quancheng Rd, Jinan, China

Many birds are killed in the propellers of the windmills that have been springing up all over the country and much open farmland is being taken up by solar panel farms. And the Chinese produce both solar panels and lithium batteries for poorly-ranging electric cars.

Bans on gas stoves, which every cook knows are better for cooking than the electric kind, are being instituted in various states in the name of climate change. And that as the price of electricity only goes up.

Foreman watches as a gas well is drilled: Can a country ustain the move toward electricity as the only source of power in ordinary citizens’ lives?

As the National Debt rises in spite of the recent debt ceiling deal signed by President Biden after a lengthy debate in Congress, I wonder if the country can sustain the move toward electricity as the only source of power in ordinary citizens’ lives.

We need to find alternatives to electricity. Fossil fuels will remain an important factor in our energy needs for a long time to come.


Featured image (Agenda sign)/Alpha Stock Images (www.alphastockimages.com), CC BY-SA3.0 (Original author: Nick Youngson (nyphotographic.com)
Groceries/Marc Verch, Professional Photographer’s photostream, CC BY2.0 via Flickr
Chinese electric taxis/Reinhold Möller(Ermel), via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA4.0
Foreman at gas well drilling/Carl Young, CC BY-SA4.0 via Wikimedia Commons



Researchers find that China’s pollution related to e-cars may be more harmful than gasoline cars: https://cse.umn.edu/college/news/researchers-find-chinas-pollution-related-e-cars-may-be-more-harmful-gasoline-cars