A Second Opinion: Getting Back Online

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Settling down in Pendleton: Computer paraphernalia to hook up. Books to donate. Mail to return.
Furniture to arrange. Mexican restaurants, steakhouses, fast-food places to eat out
at. Million-dollar sunsets to watch. Work to get back to.
All in all, we are pleased with the move.


by Mary Foran

Wires everywhere. Power packs lost or misplaced. Printers not hooked up yet. Phone service a wireless adventure. It’s a very confusing and interesting time.

The technician came . . .

The technician came and hooked up my modem and router and landline. All working off of wi-fi as this Apple computer.

I don’t pretend to understand it all; in fact, I don’t. But you can’t live without a computer nowadays, as everything is done online.

The wind blows in Pendleton quite a bit, and several shingles were torn off which are being replaced today by a roofer who is already late. And we had the delivery of two easy chairs to deal with as well as the garbage collection which we missed!

Then I have to go to the electronics section of Walmart and find a power cord for my laptop. The power cord was placed with the other cords in the move, but it can’t be found now.

“I will donate the best of them to the Pendleton Library of which I am already a member”

We may stop for something to eat if the roofer ever comes.

We have taken to sitting out on the balcony to watch the million-dollar sunsets and wait for a train or two to go by way down in the town.

We still have boxes to unpack and furniture to arrange and we are giving away some very interesting books which I would rather keep, but he insists he doesn’t want them anymore.
I will donate the best of them to the Pendleton Library, of which I have already made myself a member. The Salvation Army gets the rest.

I went to the Post Office to return mail sent to this address in the names of previous residents and was surprised at how modern it was.

There are two Mexican restaurants and several Pizza parlors and steakhouses and a Distillery that serves a mean pizza and a pear salad. And there are fast-food places galore.

So, all in all, we are pleased with the move.

Now, if I can just get back to work!


Featured image (Pendleton sunset)/Oregon Dept of Transportation, CC BY2.0
Technician/Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Books (generic image)/Michael Coghlan, CC BY-SA2.0
Mailbox/ChrisV-ESL, Pixabay