A Second Opinion: Don’t Give in to Fear!

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US President Donald Trump: “I will not let Iran have nuclear weapons”


by Mary Foran

Stateside 2020 is proving to be full of surprises: 1) A delay in a Senate trial due to the reticence of the Democrats to forward their articles of impeachment against US President Donald Trump. 2) The killing of an Iranian general known for his terrorist activities and his plotting against Americans. 3) The continued campaigns for President by various Democratic candidates who are looking for the nomination of their party to go against Trump in the 2020 November presidential election.


Trump swears he will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, while Democrats fear an all-out war with that country, known for fomenting worldwide terrorism.

The Media is divided between those who support Trump’s policies: trade with China, the economy, etc.; and those who can’t support him no matter what. The age of neutral journalism is long past and taking sides in news coverage is the common response to policy moves.

Trump’s vocabulary seems to be limited, so he harps on the “Fake News” promulgated by worldwide agencies such as CNN and others.

Pro-Trumpers such as the well-known Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are also allowed to have their say on television, but the country is quite divided as to who or what to believe.

The Republicans control the Senate, so if they close ranks, President Trump will squeak past impeachment and become the nominee for the Republican Party in November of 2020.

Firemen putting out the fire.

Meanwhile, the homeless crisis still looms, healthcare needs to be addressed, and the Australian wildfires are killing endangered species and burning homes as American firefighters pitch in to help.

We must be brave and face the challenges of 2020 without fear.

Today is all we have for sure!





Featured image (1953 Nuclear explosion)/U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, PD
Trump/Michael Vadon, CC BY.SA4.0
Firemen (generic photo)/Tammy Anthony Baker, CC BY2.0