A Second Opinion: Biden to Stay in Presidential Race in Spite of Losing Debate to Trump

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaigning for the 2020 presidential election.
Biden wants a repeat of the event for his reelection.


by Mary Foran

Calls for Biden to resign from the Presidential race came fast and furious after his poor performance at the Trump debate on June 27th. Mumbling and confused at times, Biden gave the image of an elderly man while Trump was sharp and in control.

Biden excused himself from his poor performance by saying he had a “bad night” and had a cold and was sleep-deprived due to his many trips abroad.

Joe and Jill Biden: The First Lady wants her husband to stay in the race despite losing the first Biden-Trump presidential debate on CNN

The media, even the liberal media, immediately began to speculate about whether it was time for Biden to step aside from the race and allow someone else to be the nominee for the Democratic Party.

Biden insisted he would stay in the race and that he was the only one who could beat Trump on November 5th.

Hunter Biden, convicted son of Joe Biden, and wife Jill Biden, want him to continue in the race as do many Democrat governors and congressmen and women.

Trump can’t wait to debate Biden again

But the Democratic Party is split on giving Biden their support while donors are hesitating to put their money behind Biden.

Vice-President Kamala Harris would be the presumptive nominee if Biden is eventually convinced to step down but she is even more unpopular than Biden in the polls.

Trump is looking forward to the next debate with Biden in September, touting victory once again.


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Joe and Jill Biden,Official White House photo taken 24 December 2021/Cameron Smith
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