A SECOND OPINION: April Showers Bring May Flowers

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Crime is rampant in the cities of America but here we are awaiting
the blossoms of Spring and the flowers of May.


Mary Foran

We are still recovering from US President Joe Biden’s 4 day trip to Ireland recently in which he searched for his roots amid various gaffes in front of the public and the press.

The rain has been steady on the West Coast and Ft. Lauderdale in Florida has been flooded by torrential downpours.

Nights have been nippy here, but the daffodils are out and we are awaiting the blooming of the tulips soon.

Trump is adjudicated in New York but is still running (again) for President

Donald Trump is still being adjudicated in New York for financial crimes, yet he insists he is still running for President in 2024. Other Republicans have put their hats in the ring for the nomination, but no one candidate has the following of Trump.

Trump says the whole process is a “political witchhunt”.

Transgender friends at a Capital Pride Heroes Gala, Washington DC

Transgenderism is in the news, with parents fighting for the right to have a say in their child’s proclivities and puberty-blocking treatments and surgery.

The Southern border is virtually open to migrants and drug traffickers and Biden doesn’t seem to want to stop the flow.

Crime is rampant in the cities of America, and New York just named its first “Rat Czar” to address the problem of rats taking over the city.

But here we are, awaiting the blossoms of Spring and the flowers of May.

Hope your May will be as colorful as ours will be!


Featured image (Montage: Crime scene/Gerd Altman, Pixabay. Tulips/OpenClipart-Vectors, Pixabay)
Quote mark/Oakus53, CC BY-SA4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Trump campaign 2024 logo/Donald J. Trump 2024 campaign, PD via Wikipedia
Transgenders/Ted Eylan, CC BY-SA2.0 via Wikipedia. Cropped. Partial face blot-out supplied