A Love Letter to GP for Valentine’s Day!

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Dear GP:

You have been my means of keeping in touch with the happenings in Spain and especially in Madrid, the fun-filled and fascinating capital of the country, for so many, many, many years it is amazing !

You have given voice to so many and such a variety of writers who have touched upon all aspects of being a foreign resident and visitor to Spanish environs.

GP has explained Spanish politics to the unaware, Spanish economics to the uninitiated, and the joys and pleasures of the Spanish lifestyle to the uneducated.

GP has been there through thick and thin, through historic political changes and upheavals, and monumental moments.

Every week its savvy publisher Dan Lowell and his many talented and self-sacrificing editors cranked out a magazine for all to read and enjoy. You could learn from it too , as some of the articles were long and involved while some were short and sweet, but all were the best  GP had to offer at the time.

In the print version there were struggles with quality aspects and the inevitable typo, but the articles were still informative and always interesting .

Then the miracle of the internet took over, and the magazine shot to another level of excellence. It was colorful, exciting and varied, and still as interesting to peruse .

After moving back to the States, I lost contact with GP for many years as I worked at various jobs and made ends meet. Then one day I looked up GP on the internet and found it, by jove! Contact was restored, but just think of all the articles I had missed in the intervening years. Time that can never be recovered. What a treasure-trove of themes GP has covered over the years. It is an awesome accomplishment.

Now I find reading GP articles interesting , informative and sometimes nostalgic , and always exciting as new ones are published.

You might just say that I am a Guidepost fan!







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