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Meson de la Cerveza (roughly Beer Tavern)


by Adriana Diaz

Whether you’re traveling around Madrid for a week or here indefinitely, it’s impossible to ever see enough of the Spanish capital. With all it’s different neighborhoods, countless historic sites, constant new spots, winding backstreets, and the metro system, you wouldn’t know where to start! Reading through outdated guide books or taking recommendations from other tourists, you might miss out on the newest concert series or the most authentic tapas bars. To make planning your days in Madrid convenient and up to date, here are the five best Instagram blogs to follow.

“The Last Horchata Kiosk in Madrid”


“Horchatera” in Madrid

Passing the McDonald’s, Apple Store, and H&M walking down Grand Via to Puerta del Sol can make Madrid feel like any other major city in the world. But Madrid No Frills highlights “the no-frills, the lost, the unappreciated and the untold” places and stories of Madrid through an Instagram of organic characteristic shots. This account focuses on places and people that authentically represent Madrid with post such as “The Last Horchata Kiosk in Madrid”.

The Madrid No Frills website features unique pages such as “No-Frill Bars”, “Living Museums”, “Lost & Found” and “Untold Stories” that will allow you to get an honest and distinct feel for Madrid during your time in this remarkable city.


Trendy desserts in Malasaña, new accesories in Madrid’s Golden Mile . . .

Trying to explore all of Madrid can be a daunting task, that’s why Madrid Diferente organizes their post by neighborhood, recommending restaurants, bars, cafes, drinks,
shopping and more to make sure that
you get to fully explore the city
by breaking it down.

Whether you’re looking for new accessories in Salamanca or a trendy dessert in Malasaña, Madrid Diferente’s Instagram feed is
filled with trendy scenes from all around the city
that is sure to give you the full taste
of all Madrid has to offer.


Madrid, a city full of secrets

Calle Manuela Malasaña turned mysterious

It’s no secret that a city as historic as Madrid is filled with secrets old and new. But walking through the quaint little back alleys you might not know the importance of the street corners you’re crossing.

Whether it be Madrid’s first taxi stop in Plaza de Herradores or a hidden library in the Academy of Medicine, Secretos de Madrid is filled with posts to insure you soak in not just the beauty but also the importance of every twist and turn in this city.


1001 Reasons to Love Madrid

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with this beautiful city, but Madrid
Seduce makes sure that every part of you does. The posts
are divided into See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Touch,
Feel, and Experiment to make sure that
all your senses are tingling.

With post like “20 Musical Plans in Madrid to Stimulate Your Mind (and more)” and “15 Exhibitions to Refresh This Summer in Madrid
the list of reasons to love Madrid never ends. Keep
up with their #PlaceToBe to find the best
hot spots and possibly get your
own picture reposted.


Food, wine, natural pools, etc. etc.

Everyone knows Madrid has amazing food. Finding a spot with the perfect combination of amazing food, heavenly wine, and tasty desserts as well as an amazing view or aesthetic isn’t hard in this city. The problem is choosing which one. Plan Madrid’s Instagram feed highlights some of the trendiest spots to get the perfect Instagram of you and your glass of Spanish wine. Their Instagram mainly features food, but the website posts about everything from “Accommodations” to “Ecolife” with post such as “The Essential ’Natural pools’ of Madrid”.



Featured image/Pink Ayla, CC BY-ND2.0
“Horchatera”/Gustav Doré (1832-1883), CC BY2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Calle Manuela Malasaña/Nicolas Vigier, CCO 1.0
Digital ice cream/ID-4805450, Pixabay. Edited.
Veranos de la Villa poster, Fair use
Tulip “ice cream”/S. Hermann & F. Richter, Pixabay. Edited.