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By ANISAH HILALI & Rosa Maria Rojas
Photos: Rosa Maria Rojas unless otherwise stated



It was a very Happy 4th of July soiree that the American Club of Madrid hosted at the Hard Rock Cafe Terrace. And was GUIDEPOST glad to have joined it!  The night was filled with star-spangled American-themed decor plus a golden American oldies soundtrack, all of which provided a patriotic ambiance to the party.

ROSA ROJAS 4 July Maria, Consuelo, Ana (3)A short and sweet introductory speech given by President Liz Keating launched the partygoers into the celebration, urging all to have fun and let loose for America’s birthday. What followed was the inevitable, and most delectable,  all-American selection of food inevitably  including hamburgers, hotdogs,  fries and even cheesecake for dessert!

ROSA ROJAS 4 juloy raffle 1 DSC_0086There was a raffle with a number of guests winning shirts and one lucky winner taking home a basketful of  American goodies. Actually, no one left empty handed. At the beginning of the party, each guest was given American-flag sun glasses. Great to wear during the party and great show off to friends who couldn’t join the celebrations!ROSA ROJAS 4 july unnamed man with gifts 1DSC_0090

The closing remarks were made by Jennifer Peters, former Club president, who said how wonderful it was to be celebrating the 4th of July with both American and Spanish friends.

“Happy Birthday America” and “We love you!”  resonated throughout the great event that the American Club of Madrid carried off with its characteristic zest and zeal.

Don’t forget to make an early reservation for the unmissable American Club Gala at The Ritz, before every available place is snapped up! Gala date: 8 November 2014.





Photo: Michael di Santo

Photo: Michael di Santo



Photo: Michael di Santo

Photo: Michael di Santo

ROSA ROJAS 4 july 2014 Carlos, Carlos, Antonio

ROSA ROJAS 4 july hard rock cafe DSC_0101

ROSA ROJAS 4 july Alan

MICHAEL DI SANTOS 4 july pic 2n

Photo: Michael di Santo


ROSA ROJAS 4 july funny waiterROSA ROJAS 4 july 2014 featured image 1

ROSA ROJAS 4 july funny waiter 2

Photo: Michael di Santo

Photo: Michael di Santo

ROSA ROJAS 4 july balloons featured image 4